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Downtown Toronto Engagement Session

One of my most favourite types of Toronto engagement sessions is simply a stroll downtown. Bonus points if it’s in summer. I love unplanned sessions, lots of walking, talking, and discovering new places together. It’s the spontaneity of “Let’s check out this alley” or “Let’s duck in this cafe for a bit” that makes me more creative.

I had the best time with Rachel and Mike. They are truly a match made in heaven and just the loveliest couple to be around.

We started near Collette Grand Cafe and walked all over Toronto finishing up for a cocktail at The Thompson Hotel. Collette Grand Cafe, by the way, closed and is replacing all the Holt Cafes at Holt Renfrew.

One of my most favourite moments was when we saw a wall covered in ivy. Rachel and Mike sort of re-enacted the scene from The Simpsons.

I can’t wait for you to see their stunning wedding at The Arlington Estate.

So, here’s my advice if you’re having trouble finding Toronto engagement session locations. Go for a walk downtown. Trust your photographer to create the perfect downtown Toronto engagement photos.

Hi, I’m Lindsie Grey – Toronto Wedding Photographer and Photography Business Coach.

I hope you enjoyed these Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos.

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Cherry Beach and Distillery Engagement

What perfect place to have an engagement session than where they got engaged and where they had their first date.

For their first date, Meagan and Blair took a stroll through the Distillery Christmas Market. The cold weather, the twinkly lights and the smell of spiced cider filling the air provided the perfect setting to fall in love.

After a quick walk through the Distillery District, we headed to Cherry Beach to chase the sunset and enjoy some time away from the hoards of people.


cherry beach engagement photos The exact spot Blair proposed. <3 

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I wish it was possible to package Nuri and Tom, put them in my pocket and bring them out when I need cheering up.  That’s how cute and happy these two are. My face was so sore from laughing, and I have pretty well seasoned laugh muscles. I had the best time with them.

Nuri came prepared with Nadege pastries, a giant jenga set, flowers, plants, a basket and handmade signs.

It was a gorgeous day and we visited a winery before. The minute I hugged them goodbye and hopped in my car to drive home, it poured so hard I could barely see. Mother Nature was truly looking out for these two.

Thank you, Nuri and Tom, for sending me home with a bottle of wine too. You’re the best xox


lindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0242.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0243.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0244.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0246.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0247.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0248.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0250.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0249.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0253.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0254.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0256.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0255.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0261.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0257.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0258.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0259.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0262.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0263.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0264.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0265.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0266.jpglindsie_grey_wedding_photographer_toronto_candid_natural_ documentary_style_niagara_on_the_lake_engagement_0267.jpg


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On one of the last days of summer, we headed to Cherry Beach. There was a hint of autumn in the leaves but the weather was delicious and the sky turned fairy floss pink.

I can’t wait for their wedding…I’m not allowed to say much but it’s going to be one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever photographed. There may or may not be a llama at this wedding. If you know me well, you’ll know I’m obsessed crazy about llamas.

These two are so damn cute. It was like the whole world stopped and it was just the two of them. And that’s how it should be.



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